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  1. Deborah and the expertise she brings to enhanced health has dramatically improved my overall quality of life. The science behind her methodologies are cutting edge, and with out a doubt effective. Not only have I lost, on average, 0.6 lbs a day following her circuit recommendations, but my state of mind and general feeling of well-being has been significantly altered. Deborah has been a gift in my life. I highly recommend taking the time and making the personal investment to follow her recommendations. You’ll be all the better for it, both in mind and body.

  2. Advanced Health To Be & Mrs. Deborah Haynes has been a absolute blessing on my journey to a healthier lifestyle .

    My Experience:
    After leaving one of my sessions, and using the “Zero Stress Chair ” my vehicle decided to over heat in the middle of ATLANTA traffic .
    I was very surprised how I reacted to a smoking and stalling car . I remained calm and I was able to think clearly about my next move once I was out of traffic.

    I also lost 22 pounds with the direction of Mrs. Haynes one on one sessions.

    Thank you Advanced Health To Be ,

  3. The circuit training at Advance Health To Be and Mrs. Deborah has taught me what it truly means to have peace from within. It’s amazing to be able to go to that peaceful place in the midst of chaos. Mrs. Hayes has a beautiful, loving and kind spirit which, sweetened the journey.

  4. Since I met Deborah Haynes over 10 years ago, I have been struck by the complete attention she consistently gives to the person she is interacting with. Deborah’s compassion for people is comparable to her endless pursuit of cutting-edge health and wellness solutions. The original program she offers at Advanced Health to Be is a brilliant compilation of leading edge technology, given with extraordinary compassionate guidance, that will no doubt be one of our greatest assets in and detoxification and healing. Although I am in good health, the Detox Circuit experience had compelling physical effects on my body, as well as allowed me to respond healthfully to stress instead of producing tension and dysfunction in my body. I wholeheartedly trust and recommend Deborah as your advocate (and mine!) through your journey to wellness.
    Janet Herman, RN to LMT
    Sandy Springs, Georgia

  5. I have been going to advance health for the past two months. The services provided have been excellent. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect but once I got there Deborah and staff made me feel relaxed and comfortable. My treatment regiment was set up by Deborah and it has worked very well for me. She has helped me with cell stimulation, stress relief, detoxification, deep sleep relaxation and a better understanding of how my cells and body work in concert with each other. Her knowledge of how to bring harmony to the body is amazing. I feel in tune with my body now and recommend her service to everyone. Thank you Deborah for sharing your time, treatment and knowledge. It is truly Holistic.

  6. Genevieve (Gee Gee) McConico - Reply

    Deborah is my sister, so when she began this phase of her life, she invited me to come out to see what she was doing. She explained the different programs and I experienced going through a circuit which consisted of the whole body vibration, infra red sauna and the zero stress chair. When I say, I felt amazing afterwards, that is an understatement as I felt better than I had in years.

    After going a few weeks and talking to Deb, I decided to try one of her weight loss programs as I was at my heaviest weight of 184. I was very uncomfortable with this weight and had recently begun consistently attending the gym and trying to be more mindful of what I was eating, but that just wasn’t enough as the weight just wasn’t coming off fast enough for me.

    I began a 6 week program where I ate a certain amount of calories a day, went to the center 1-2 times a week and completed the circuit. I also checked in with Deb everyday regarding my progress. Deb was always available and promptly answered any questions I had. I had my days when I didn’t follow the plan due to being out of town, etc. Deb was encouraging at all times. She just reminded me of my goal and said it was okay.

    If you are truly interested in getting healthier and feeling great, you couldn’t choose a better place to go. Deb is very knowledgeable, caring, non-judgmental and more. She and her staff are very professional and will assist you in meeting any goal that you have regarding your health. You just have to be willing to do the work.

    Fast forward, I met my goal and my end weight was 159. Not only did I lose a total of 25 pounds, I decreased my body fat percentage. I felt and still feel great. And 6 months later, I am still maintaining my weight as well as Deb still checks in on me to make sure I’m okay.

  7. “How do you spell Relief?” I spell it “D e b o r a h H a y n e s at Advanced Health To Be!!!

    I have been challenged by healthy living for many years now. One conversation with Deborah and I’m at home with “Advanced Health To Be” They provide excellent treatment options and exceptional customer service and care. I have accomplished successful results with nutrition, stress reduction and weight loss. My prescriptions have been modified and my physicians are impressed. I’m very satisfied with the changes I’m seeing in the mirror!

    Should you stop by, be sure to see me. I’ll be there and can tell you up close and personal the stress and weight loss numbers!

    Clarice Barber-Page
    Austell GA

  8. I met Mrs. Deborah several month ago and let me tell you this lady has truly been a blessing in my life. I am a breast cancer survivor of four years, 6 rounds of chemo, about 6 weeks of radiation and several surgeries, so my body was hit pretty hard. So with that being said I gained almost 30lbs from the medication and the other hurdles that came with this disease. So when Paula introduced me to Mrs. Debra and suggested that I try the program, I knew that my body needed some healing. So my mind set going into the program was clear, let’s detox my body, but I truly got so much more. Debra has truly educated me on things that I never would have thought exist with your body, teaching me that waves and vibration is the key to moving things in the right direction. Not only is my body detoxifying, I am loosing weight in the process. My favorite part of the circuit is the infrared sauna and the sonic vibe. Debra would always say shake it up buttercup, lol. Not sure if Debra knows it yet, but she will always be a part of my life.

    Angela Crenshaw
    Marietta, GA

  9. The program offered by Advanced Health To Be is phenomenal! The holistic approach to managing diet, incorporating exercise and reducing stress has been everything I have needed to make a sustainable lifestyle change and get on a path to better health. Both Paula and Deborah are committed to the success of their clients and they each understand what it takes to motivate and encourage others to achieve their goals. I have not only lost weight, reduced stress and improved my general well-being, but I am also in the best state of mind that I have been in for years (both spiritually and mentally). As you consider your long term health and fitness goals, I strongly recommend you consider partnering with Paula and Deborah to take your journey to total wellness, you won’t regret it.

    Brookhaven, GA

  10. Advanced Health To Be… What can I say about this business? FANTASTIC!!! From the services to Ms. Deborah Haynes and Paula Byrd, this business is truly a blessing. I have been working with Deborah for about 3 years now and she has helped me TREMENDOUSLY in the way I see my health and wellness. With her care, support, and VAST knowledge on health, she helped me lose 100 lbs and maintain a truly healthy lifestyle. I’m at the healthiest place in my life than I have EVER been and only getting better with the addition of Ms. Paula expertise in fitness. These ladies know what they are doing and want what is best for the whole person (mind, body, spirit) to live a long, healthy life. If you looking for something different that will work and last, please try Advanced Health To Be! I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

  11. Deborah turned my life around. When I went in to see her, I couldn’t sleep, my stress levels were through the roof, my weight was becoming an issue of serious concern, and I was having regular migraines. Deborah didn’t just treat the symptoms. She didn’t just help me lose weight. She changed my philosophy and my lifestyle about how I did everything, and by doing that, she changed me at my core.
    Never have I ever had so much faith in someone to deliver everything that they promised and more and to give me all of the tools I needed to continue to improve my health and the longevity of my life. In a day and age when the most health plans are built off of get thin quick schemes that focus on low calorie intakes while putting awful things in your body, Deborah shows you how to lose weight, sustain it, and she shows you that managing this lifestyle isn’t overbearing, impossible, or overly expensive.
    She is absolutely everything she promises to be and so much more.

  12. Cheryl Thompson Williams - Reply

    I thank God for putting me on this new health journey with Advanced Health To Be! I am excited about the progress I have made in just about 6 months. I have lost weight. I have more energy. My eating has improved. I am looking forward to getting my blood work done in a few weeks to see if the results have improved, which I am so sure they have. I will share the results as another testimony of the effectiveness of this program.
    Deborah and Paula are gifts from God who are helping to fulfill His promise to us in having life more abundantly. Your greatest wealth is your health. I highly recommend Advanced Health To Be as a wonderful asset in gaining greater health!

  13. Thanks to my sessions at Advanced Health To Be, my stress levels have been reduced, I’m sleeping better and I’ve even managed to lose nearly twenty pounds. Losing weight has always been difficult for me so to lose that amount has been a huge blessing. I can’t recommend Advanced Health To Be enough. You will be in good hands and well on your way towards improved health. Deborah and the staff at Advanced Health To Be truly care about each client they serve.

  14. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Good vibes throughout the entire center. My favorite is the Zero Stress Chair. Its the best sleep i ever had. I feel so revitalized everytime I leave there. This is the get away that we all need.

  15. This place is an oasis in the hustle and bustle of daily life! The Zero Stress Chair is amazing! The first time I sat in the chair, I thought if anything it’s a good excuse to take a nap in the middle of the day! When I left that first session, I was running late for another appointment. Usually I would be rushing, stepping on the gas like a crazy person. To my surprise, my body would not participate with my thought that I should drive faster, my heart was not beating in panic, I was as calm as I have never observed myself to be. I come religiously because I am addicted to the peace I feel after the chair. The peripheral aspects of the program and the company of Deborah Haynes add to the depth of my experience at Advanced Health To Be. If you want to know what holistic care means, spend some time with Deborah. Your mind, body and Spirit will thank you!

  16. I began this program a week ago. I have never felt better! I understand even the more the scripture “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” MUCH revelation and understanding has taken place being in this program. I had immediate results from my first visit. After using the zero stress chair, the Sonic Whole body Vibrator, Drinking the correct amount of Kangen Water, I experienced peace and calmness on the inside; regular bowel movements, and sleeeping from 7 to 8 hours without sleep being broken. I highly recommend this program to anyone taking their health seriously. Not only is equipment used in this program GREAT, but the knowledge Deborah and Paula has is PHENOMENAL!!! I PRAISE GOD for this NEW BEGINNING IN WHOLENESS!

  17. I met Deborah at a conference and briefly spoke with her about her Weight Loss program and made an appointment. Never in my widest dreams did I know that my life was about to change. I went for Weight Loss but was truly amazed at the other therapeutic health benefits that I would receive from her detox circuit. In a little over 1 month, I have lost 16 lbs., my energy level has increased 200%. Not only is my health improving but I am gaining so much knowledge and insight regarding health and wellness in general, my body, and even growth in my business. Deborah’s Wellness Center is truly an amazing concept. I am so grateful for her compassion for others, her willingness to openly share her knowledge, and her support system. I am so impressed that without a doubt, should I ever be faced with a life threating or chronic illness or disease, Deborah will be the FIRST person I call. My life has and will be forever changed, since Deborah and I crossed paths. Deborah, you are truly an AMAZING gift from GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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